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The official homepage of the Squirrel Rights League

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"A day without squirrels is a day without sunshine." --Virginia Carper

There are too many pages on the web giving squirrels a bad name. I think it's about time we spread the truth around, to tell people that squirrels aren't as evil as they've been portrayed by squirrel haters. Although not really a group, the Squirrel Rights League (SRL) automatically considers you a "member" if you like our cause. The top two squirrel photos are an Abert squirrel and a fox squirrel, two of America's most beautiful mammals.

In your backyard, city parks and woodlots, you see several squirrels and their cute antics. However, when you go deep into a forest, you probably rarely see a squirrel because they are hiding from predators such as human hunters. However, hunters neither kill squirrels because they hate them, nor are the only cause of squirrel population declines. Loggers have already destroyed the homes of several species of squirrel, including the Delmarva Fox Squirrel and the Mount Graham Red Squirrel, both endangered species no thanks to the loggers. Also, some squirrel haters in their heartless rage hunt squirrels and even chipmunks in their own yard or neighborhood. This is often illegal because most states have closed seasons on squirrels.

Of course man isn't the only creature that harms squirrels. There's predators. I would normally forgive nature for it's cruelty, but some species, like the feral cat, I do not forgive. Cats have been brought here from Europe, so they don't belong here. Cat lovers, please don't take this out of context, I don't personally hate your cats. Please just declaw and neuter them.

If you love squirrels:
You are on the right track. They are attractive backyard companions, and they also make great pets when tamed. They are so lovable, that there has been something founded called The Squirrel Lover's Club, which we are not affiliated with. We love all animals, especially squirrels, because we sympathize for them considering they are among the most defamed of animals on the internet.

If you hate squirrels:
You must be taught differently.
Perhaps they get into your birdfeeders: Buying a squirrel feeder will cause the squirrels to forget about the food left for the birds, and eventually they will recognize their own food.
Perhaps they get in your garden: Realize that squirrels, and chipmunks as well, are more attractive and more fun to watch than garden flowers.
Perhaps you just think they're evil: Can you prove it biblically? How about scientifically?
Perhaps you think they're rats: There's so much you should learn about Zoology. Although rats and squirrels are both rodents, they are nothing alike. Saying a squirrel is a bushy tailed rat is like saying a human is a tailless lemur.

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Weekly Squirrel Species

Date: English Name: Scientific Name: Found in:
Mar. 17 Red-bellied Sculptor Squirrel Glyphotes simus Mt. Kinabalu (Borneo)
Mar. 19 Gambian Sun Squirrel Heliosciurus gambianus Senegal to Ethiopia to Zambia
Mar. 20 Eastern Sun Squirrel Heliosciurus mutabilis e. Africa
Mar. 21 Small Forest Squirrel Heliosciurus punctatus w. Africa
Mar. 22 Red-legged Sun Squirrel Heliosciurus rufobrachium Senegal to Kenya to Zimbabwe
Mar. 24 Ruwenzori Sun Squirrel Heliosciurus ruwenzorii e. Congo, Rwanda, Burundi, Uganda

Can you guess what species this is?

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