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Scalisti's Homecage

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Hi, I'm Scalisti, the son of Quasimodo and Fred. (Imagine having a mom named Fred!). Well anyway, in case you're wondering, I'm a flying squirrel. I live in Deltona, FL with a very caring guardian named Andrew Watts. My former home was with a pet dealer in Texas who shipped me in a wee little cage in this huge bird that humans call a Delta airliner. I am very small, weighing about 3 ounces and I'm a little more than a year old. My name means "Rocky" in Russian and it's pronounced ska-LEES-tee. Click here to see my stats. Also, You may see that other people have the privilege of having squirrels as pets. To see a silhouette of me and my owner, click here. Makes a great background image! Some of you are saying, "What! A flying squirrel as a pet?" But actually, my kind has been pets since the colonial times. Click here for a painting (by Samuel Copley) of someone with one of my ancestors as a pet.

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Picture from Nutsy's page. I liked it so much I had to include it here.

Click here to go back to Andrew's Pet page. Any questions about me, my cuteness, or anything else?


Watch me glide to Andrew's knee!

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