My Rats

I currently don't have pictures of my rats yet, but I hope the descriptions will give you ideas. I got them both at the same pet store.

Lucky: He's my male blond hooded rat. I got him because he's just so darn cute. He's younger and a lot smaller than Purity.

Purity: She's a female albino rat, and Lucky's girlfriend. I might breed them; I'm not sure.

Update: When Lucky grew up to the size of Purity, they had a litter of 11 babies. The strange thing about this litter was that they were all dark hoodeds and solids despite the albinism of the parents. I found homes for 8 of them, one died, and I kept the remaining two (Jack and Camus). Sadly, Purity died on September 8, 2000. I then got a new albino female rat named Mousie most recently.