My Prairie Dogs:

Mancha and Sadie

Intro: My prairie dogs, Mancha and Sadie, live with me in my rental home in the Dallas area, TX. Some of you are saying, "What’s a prairie dog? Some kind of pooch?" They are actually medium sized rodents, weighing between 1 and 2½ pounds. They get their name from their dog-like bark, and are native to the central prairie states of the US and parts of Canada and Mexico. There are 5 species of prairie dogs, but the black-tailed prairie dog is the one primarily kept as a pet. One reason why prairie dogs are becoming so popular as pets is because of how they bond with their guardians. Many people, such as myself, like being greeted by their pet prairie dogs.

Bailey was my only male prairie dog. I recieved him in the summer of 2001 when a friend who could no longer keep him brought him to me. He weighs about 2½ pounds. He was born in the spring of 1999 and has been neutered by his previous guardian, Caroline, in order to stop the rut phase. He was given back to Caroline before I moved to TX because she wanted him back so badly. He is now living happily with a bunch of other prairie dogs.

Beauty is my sweetest prairie dog. In the spring of 2002 I bought her and Chaba from another person who can no longer keep her. She weighs about 2 pounds and was probably born in the spring of 2000. She sleeps in my bed every night. Sadly, she passed away in February 2004.

Chaba is my smallest prairie dog, weighing not much more than a pound. She was born in the spring of 2001. She is missing a left foot and has half a tail, possibly due to an injury during capture. Though she enjoys being scratched, she doesn't like being handled often. She was given to my friend Caroline because Bailey needed a companion. She is now living happily with a bunch of other prairie dogs.

Mancha is my very first prairie dog. I got her in the spring of 2001 when she was a baby. She weighs around 2 pounds, and is the most vocal and most hyperactive of the four.

Sadie is my newest prairie dog, and I got her in the fall of 2004. I believe she was born in spring 2003. She weighs about 2 pounds. She is rather skittish, but can calm down.

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