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Nina's Homecage

You are squirrel lover number [Counter] to visit this site as of Oct. 29, 1998.

Hi, I'm Nina. Well anyway, in case you're wondering, I'm a thirteen-lined ground squirrel. I live in Gainesville, FL with a very caring guardian named Andrew Watts. My previous guardians kept Andrew's other animals in their apartment. I am small, weighing about a half a pound and I was born around 1997. I'm the first of Andrew's pets that he didn't name. Click here to see my stats. Also, You may see that other people have the privilege of having squirrels as pets. Note that the pictures you see on the top are not of me, but they are almost as attractive. Sadly, I passed away during Thanksgiving break 2000.

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Picture from Nutsy's page. I liked it so much I had to include it here.

Click here for the list of other files on this website. Any questions about me, my cuteness, or anything else?


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